Today I launch my new website – Tír na nÓg Studio, where magic happens with fabric and thread and very happy to do it on 17 June  my birthday.

The goal of my blog is to document my quilting journey and also to sell  long arm designs that I am designing using Art and Stitch.

I chose the name Tír na nÓg Studio as it is one of my favorite stories from Irish mythology. Tír na nÓg  is a place of eternal youth and beauty where time stand still, no one grows old or gets sick,  flowers bloom perpetually, there is no sorrow or pain and  where love is eternal.  I loved this story growing up and imagined Tír na nÓg  to be like heaven.  When in the creative process of making a quilt, I  can get so engrossed that it does seem like time stands still and all the cares and troubles of the world are no longer present – my little slice of heaven on earth! You can read the legend here.

I hope you come back often and follow my journey, my heart is full of  quilt designs many with Irish\Celtic themes and I will use this space to share them.


Tir Na nOg

“….I said with my eyes that
I recognized your chin
It was my long lost friend
To help me from another lifetime
We took each others hands and cried
Like a river when we said hello
And we walked
to Tir na nog

We made a big connection
On a golden autumn day
We were standing in the garden wet with rain
And our souls were young again
In tir na nog

And outside the storm was raging
Outside jerusalem
We drove in our chariots of fire
Following the big sun in the west
Going up, going up,
to Tir na nog….”

from “Tir Na Nog” by Van Morrison, inspired by a poem by W.B. Yeats

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