As promised in my first post in the Art and Stitch series my next post would explain what I did to create this applique star



The original art work for this design started out as this AI file:

Capture4and the first step was to use “Import Vector Art” on the Art work toolbar on the lower left hand size which opened up the design on a new page. I increased the size of the design to have a width of 7.75.  I had already decided that I wanted to use my 200mm X 200mm hoop and that has a 7.87 inch sew field.

Next step in the Sequence view I changed the art work into two colors one for the star outline and one for the center flower.

Creating the applique

With the star outline selected I hit the Applique button on the Stitch toolbar, this results in the outline becoming 3 layers for the applique as follows:

  • Layer one is the placement line to outline where the fabric should be placed
  • Layer two is the tack down which holds the fabric in place
  • Layer three is the decorative stitch  for around the edge which can be Satin, Blanket or Motif

The default third layer is set to Satin but I decided to change that to a motif  as follows:

  1.  In the Applique  tab of the Properties Panel, Select  “Motif” from the Applique Type pull down menu
  2.  Choose Motif Pattern f033  and changed the stitch length to 8.0
  3. Click on Apply



For the flower design inside the star I decided to test out the new Stem Stitch Line motif as shown here in the properties tab:



Time now to check in the Sew Simulator then save to the format of your machine. Here is what  the design looked like in 3D mode



 Creating a file to use with the  Cameo Silhouette

1. Prior to creating the applique for the star outline I had saved another copy of it to use as a cut file.

2. Ensure that it is set to Artwork work and change the Pen Width to 0.4mm.

3.  Select File, Export Image and save as a JPEG

Now in your Silhouette software

1. Open the JPEG and position the Star on the mat where you want to place the fabric

2. Select the Open the Trace Window icon then  Select Trace Area and move your mouse over the star to select it as follows:


In the Apply Trace Method option select the Trace Outline Edge, you now have a file ready to cut.

Next up is to set up the Cutting Settings for “Fabric like Cotton Prints” for the material type and ensure your Silhouette is set up with the  right fabric blade and the right settings, I used the default as follows:

cut settings

Prepare your fabric with fusible web, I have tired both Soft Fuse and Heat and Bond lite and they both worked great. I also use lots of Mary Ellen’s Best Press to make the fabric nice and crisp.

Place the fabric on the cutting mat and ensure it is lying flat with no bumps and then you are ready to to click the Send to Silhouette button and watch it do its magic.

Now you are ready to go stitch out your design and have a perfectly cut fabric applique to use.

If you have any questions let me know.


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