Starting a series of Tuesday tips where I find useful videos on quilting that I find very interesting and provide practice tips for quilting issues. I am sharing two tonight the first from the wonderful Jamie Wallen on tension and also wonderful video from Shelly Sieverkropp on how to add extra fabric when the backing is too short on the longarm. Yes! I said when it is on the longarm.

Some of Jamie’s key tips are:

  • Ensure you check your bobbin case for lint as even a little bit of lint can mess up your tension
  • Don’t wind your bobbins too tightly
  • 95% of your tension issues come from your bobbin case …………Yes 95%
  • readjust your bobbin tension for each of your tread types
  • when you snap in your bobbin case never open the toggle/ lever

The second video by Shelly has been  a lifesaver for me more than once. I know I have loading a backing the wrong way and it was too short more than once and this 4 mins of a video help me not have to take the quilt off the frame to add more fabric.


If I ever meet Shelly in real life I will give her such a big hug and kiss for this video.

Hope you enjoyed this first series of Tuesday Tips and tune in next Tuesday for some more tips!


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