My favorite tools in my sewing room currently are new additions to my list of tools and very quickly I wondered why I didn’t get these a long time ago!

First up is the Stash ‘n Store which I first saw Eleanor Burns use when she was demoing as the featured artist at  Alden Lane Quilt in the Garden  She had it next to her sewing machine and I noticed how handy it was to have all  your necessary tools ready use at your finger tips.

One of my issues in the sewing room that I leave my tools around the place or even walk out of the sewing room and leave elsewhere  then I cannot find them when needed. Once I got the Stash ‘n Store I can quickly see  if something is missing and go find it and I notice I now have the habit of putting the tools back in  it little pocket when finished using it. At first glance at the photo above I can see I am missing one of my seam rippers and need to go find it!

I have seen similar products for sale but the one I eventually bought was by It’s Sew Emma and I would totally recommend it. It is available in colors such as navy, aqua, mint. red, purple and grey and also a mini and regular size. If looking for a gift for a quilter friend I would consider this.

Another recent addition to my arsenal of quilting tools is a wool pressing mat.

Some of the selling points for the wool pressing mats is that they retains heat, so when you iron your fabric it’s like ironing from both sides at the same time! Also the  thick wool pad will keep your fabric stable while ironing to minimize stretching.  I have wanted to get one for a while and an ad on Facebook kept coming in my feed so I made a purchase. I  only have this pressing mat two days but am already singing its’ praises! I am finding already that my seams look nicer and my blocks are flatter.  Another good gift ideal for the quilters in your life.

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