One of the reasons I wanted to start writing my blog again was to document my quilts, to  me each quilt has a story and I want to use my blog as a way of sharing this. Here is a quilt I made a few years ago and still one of my favorites and it hangs in the hallway into my sewing room.

I found this amazing pattern when I was at PQIF in October 2009, call A Journey remembered by Barb’s Elegant Designs, and was so captivated by the quilt I had to buy the pattern. I started it just after Christmas and it was completed in March and I was so  excited by the finished product. I decided to go with a purple and teal version and threw in some gold to give it sparkle!

When mine was finished I decided to call it “Circle of Life”. Here are a number of pictures of it:
I loved the quilting design on this one it is called “Circuit Path” by Kristin Hoftyzer, the combination of the square geometric lines with the circles was just perfect for the quilt.
What I really liked about the process of making this quilt is that it a number of traditional sewing techniques – applique ( my first attempt), log cabin piecing and watercolor blending but it all works together to make this contemporary and modern design.

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