Day 2 suggested prompt is sewing space but I am going to skip that for now as I have plans to move furniture and purge stuff next weekend so will do a post once this is done. For today I am going to use the prompt for day three – Machine!  So admit it as a quilter you have more than one sewing machine………..I admit I have 4 which I think is on the low side for most quilters.

I have a longarm Handi Quilter Avante with Pro Stitcher, a Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold embroidery machine, a Baby Lock Aria and a Singer Featherweight………..oh I actually have 5 as  I have a small Janome which I have left in Ireland so when I visit my family I have something to sew on.  For this post I am going to talk about my Ellisimo which means I have 3 more posts later this month to talk about the other machines.

Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold

Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold

I LOVE my Ellisimo so much – this machine embroiders and sews like a dream! I had a Facebook memory a few weeks back from 7 years ago sharing the excitement  when I bought it at PIQF. I was shocked to see it was 7 years ago I thought it would have been more like 5 years.  7 years old and still going strong without any issues other than user errors!

Why I love my Ellisimo:

  • I love how user friendly it is
  • I never tire watching designs stitch out
  • The large touch screen buttons help with quickly editing stitches and designs and accessing the machine settings
  • The Needlecam digital camera lets you scans what is in your hoop  so you can clearly see every detail of your designs and position them exactly where you want
  • You can reduce images down to 60% or increase them up to 200% on the touch screen
  • Embroidery speed up to 1,000 spm
  • love the fact that you can automatically cuts jump stitches during designs
  • The easy to follow threading guide is a major advantage as well as the automatic needle threading system
  • Easy to maintain – just dust out the bobbin area regularly. No lubrication needed and a soft dry cloth will easily keep it dusted.

What I really love are the great things I can make with my machine.  I use Art and Stitch to digitize my quilt labels and stitch them out on my Ellisimo.

I love using Art and Stitch to add names to baby quilts:

Evelyn Pretty in Pink

My recent obsession is making these zipper bags from which are made all in the hoop. Just two hoopings – one for the back and one for the front and then the embroidery machine stitches it all together.  I have  made at least 10 since I got the design about 2 months ago and I see many more in my future.


I  am currently working on digitizing some designs with Art and Stitch which will hopefully be a quilted wall hanging very soon.

Thanks for stopping by would love to get some comments!!


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