When we were children, Mum always told us, look out when you all grow up I will become an artist. I remember smiling and thinking “On, ya sure, I never even see her doodle little drawings. Could she really paint?” Boy, did she prove me wrong. When I saw her first painting I was totally amazed and have been continually astonished as she finished each one.

For a number of birthday and occasion over the last few years, Mum would ask me what I would like and I ask her “What painting have you completed or are you working on now? That is what I want”

For a pre-wedding gift I commissioned a painting of Gold Gate Bridge for Larry. All of these painting are all hanging on walls in Lynwood ( my childhood home) so I am really excited to eventually have one to hang on my living room here as when my Dad visited for Thanksgiving 2007 he brought this in his suitcase:

Growing up our holidays were spent in Sandycove outside of Skibereen, West Cork and the painting above is of the village of Castletownsend. We would walk the 3-4 miles from Sandycove to Casteltownsend as this is were the nearest shop was to buy sweets and ice cream with the hopes that Dad would arrive over later to drive us home in the car. We also maybe luck that one of Richard’s neighbor’s would drive by and pick us up.

I have so many fond memories of time spent in Castletownsend as a child, as a teenager taking Lady our dog to the vet when she was ill to New years eve celebrations at Annie’s Bar during my college years.

Sandycove is where I can go to get my soul refreshed, maybe I need a visit to Ned’s cottage to go walk across the cliffs, breath in the wonderful fresh air and have a big bowl of Seafood Chowder at Annie’s after a walk along the windy roads to Castletownsend.

I can now sit on my couch and look at this wonderful painting and dream of the times I have had in Casteltownsend and plan the next visit there.

I always knew I had an amazing Mum but every time I see one of her paintings I am astonished at the wonderful gift that she had hidden inside for many years and I am so glad she is sharing that God giving gift with the world now. Love you Mum!

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