So today I am going back to prompt # 4 and posting about one of my sewing machines this time my Singer Featherweight which is my pride and joy.

I decided to get a featherweight after spending time watching Bonnie Hunter quiltcam where she sewed on older machines and chatted about quilting stuff. I stated stalking eBay and did lots of bidding but never won. I decided to look again  kinda late on Christmas might and came across one that only had a few bids and was ending very soon and woke the next morning to an email telling me I had won!

When I got it the first thing i did was look up the serial number to see when it was made and here is what I found out:

In another site I found out that the allocation date was 18 November 1949 which is not “birthdate”, however, is simply the day on which vast batches of serial numbers were released to the various factories. Machines with the serial number starting with A were made in Elizabethport, NJ with production starting in 1933 and ended in 1957.

I love sewing on my featherweight the stitch is beautiful and as I sit at it I wonder who owned it in 1949 and what they sewed on the machine.



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