Loved reading this headline in my email this morning. ……….it made my day!

I am one of the 6 winners from the  Quilt Alliance Scavenger Hunt at QuiltCon and I  won the  Why Quilts Matter DVD sets.

The scavenger hunt was online  and   I learned about some great online resources that are available  online for all quilters.

We had to find the answers to questions that could be found on Quilters’ S.O.S.- Save Our Stories  and The Quilt Index website.

The Quilters’ S.O.S.- Save Our Stories  is such a wonderful site as its mission is to  document, preserve and share  quilters stories.  There are 100’s of interviews to read where a quilter is interviewed about one quilt, the interview is recorded and transcribed and then added to the site.

Some very interesting stories to read one that I loved was about a quilt called “Sundown”  which was made by Beth Hardford  and represents her dad who has Alzheimer.

Beth Hardford and her quilt Sundown

Sew sew many great quilts, stories and people to learn about – check out the index of Interviewees and randomly pick a name and read the wonderful stories that are now saved forever – you will not be disappointed.

The Quilt Index website is also a wonderful resource as it  features  thousands of historic and contemporary quilts for research and inspiration.   A truly great resource to look for inspiration when you are starting a new project,   I used the search function and added the word log cabin and got over 2000 entries.  There is a picture of the quilt and information about it one of the first in the list for log cabin was called Home is where the Children play by Judy Eades

Home is where the Children Play

I just love the description of her growing  up in Seattle where during the summer with her Mother  telling them to go outside to  play and they were outside  until they were called back in for dinner. This is actually what my summers were like growing up in Ireland and I have fond memories of hearing my Mum call our names to come home for dinner.

There even is an iphone app to have the Quilters Index at your fingertips.

I could get lost for hours on both these sites and I encourage you to go check them out.

So looking forward receiving my prize and looking at the 9 documentaries and bonus info,I will be sure to report back and give you a review.

“Why quilts matter? ”  YES  they matter to me as they are an expression of my creativity and a vehicle  for me to show the recipient of the quilt how much they mean to me as I stitch LOVE into each stitch.

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