I got a parcel in the mail today and just loved what was in side.  After opening it I brought it up to the sewing room and looking at it lovingly knowing it would be a few days before I could play with it as I was suppose to be packing for QuiltCon as I head to Texas after work tomorrow.

I started to pack but for some reason took a nap instead. When I woke up it was nearly 9pm and then when it was time to go to sleep a few hours later I couldn’t sleep, I decided to go play in the sewing room.

Here is what I had to open up and play with  it is a jelly roll of an Ombre hand dye fabric from Marcus Brothers

ombre small004

Marcus Brothers Ombre Hand Dye Jelly roll

This picture does not give the fabric justice the colors are just beautiful and it feels so soft nearly silk like.

Marcus Brothers offers three free patterns by Nancy Rink  for their ombre jelly rolls and I decided to use the Prism Quilt pattern


Prism Quilt Pattern by Nancy Rink

The first step was to randomly sew strips together in sets of four. I very quickly made one four set and then decided to chain piece 2 strips together and then iron and then piece then into 4s.

Here is what is now on the back of my chair – 18 strips of fabric ready  for the next step:

Strip sets ready for ironing

Strip sets ready for ironing

Next up is to iron these and combine them randomly to make sets of 4 strips but that will have to wait for another day as I need to get some sleep!

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