When I first read about Angela Walters Make it Right Challenge I decided I would give it a shot but knew I had a very short time to get it done as I would be leaving for my trip to Ireland in mid May and today three days before I leave it is 90% complete.  So here are some of the details of the challenge:

  • The “Make it Right” challenge is all about seeing things outside the box and finding unique ways to use panel fabrics
  • Only the  Right Angles panel from Angel’s Textures line can be used
  • Art Gallery Fabrics Pure Elements can be used in the project as a filling element
  • There are three categories – quilts, apparel and and home decor

Full details of the challenge can be seen on the Art Gallery Blog

So I started with this bundle of fabric:


I played around with different ways to lay some of the fabric out on the design wall


And very soon it was on the frame being quilted, I used Modern Maze #1 Pantograph by Krista Withers and loved how it stitched out:IMG_2218

And here it is just off the frame:IMG_2226And now with the binding on


So as you can see I made a quilt but it is just a quilt, when deciding how to make something unique I decided  to also add a zipper and therefore it is a sleeping bag also:


When I added the binding I also added another strip of fabric where a zipper could be added
And here it the zipper all pined in place ready to be sewn on permanently, this is the 10% work left to be completed.
Hope to have it finished before I get on the plane in Wednesday.

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