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Every quilt has a story | Tír na nÓg Studio

I truly believe that every  quilt has a story and here is the story of one wonky log cabin called Night Gallery.

So in March 2011 I  decided to go with a wonky log cabin for my 2011 Roland McDonald House Quilt Challenge quilt, I read this Wonky log cabin tutorial  and decided that I would give it a whirl.

Here are the black and white fabrics I picked to use:

This was the lavender cascade I used  as inspiration and picked out lavender fabric to match from my stash.

Here was the first block  and  while making it I really enjoyed the process. I had no plan just a number of 2 1/2 inch and 1 1/2 inch strips and off I went. I really like how it turned out.



One block down and 24  more to go.

A few months went by and in June I had completed 4 more blocks and has 2 nearly finished and sometime during the making of these blocks I decided to make the block bigger and each one was 15 inches.


A few more months went by but in  September the top was completed:


At the time my design wall was actually the middle of the living room floor and the blocks lived there for a  long time. As each block went down Lar kept commenting on how he liked them. He even commented when he was not asked to admire them! As the time went by Lar  christened it Night Gallery as it reminds him of the the intro from the seventies TV show. I never saw it but never fear YouTube has the following:

Night Gallery

So now I have a problem, Larry really like this quilt and as he has never named a quilt before and raved so much about one, I really don’t think this could be my Ronald McDonald Raffle quilt, so it joined the to be quilted pile and I move on to other projects.

When I joined the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild early this year, I looked for something to bring to show and tell for my first meeting and decided to bring Night Gallery. I got rave reviews and a number of people suggested I finish it and put it into the San Mateo County Fair Quilt Show. I smiles to myself and wondered if my quilts would ever be good enough to enter into a show, I thought about it some more and decided to go for it.

The next task was to decide how to quilt it, I searched high and low for the right digital pattern and once I found Star Spiral by  Marjorie Busby I know that was the one.

I loaded the quilt on my longarm and just loved how the design enhanced the quilt:


The Sunday before the quilts had to be dropped off for the quilt show the binding was but on and along with 2 other quilts it was entered in the show.

It was very exciting to take my Mum to see my quilts on display, here she is looking at the quilting at the back:

As I wandered around the show, I went back to see my quilts  a few times and once when I walked by, I heard a young girl cry out to her Dad saying  ” Hey, look at this awesome purple one”. Of course I had my camera in hand and snapped this picture.


It was just one of those precious moments!

So now Night Gallery lives on Lar’s couch and I hope he uses it to keep warm for years to come.

And what did I do for my Ronald McDonald Quilt……………well as they say “That is a story for another day!”


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