This year I have decided to again take part i n the Eighth Annual Scraps to Treasures Challenge which is organized by one of the wonderful ladies on the Quilting and Needlework forum on HGTV.  Jean  aka “Jayardi” does a wonderful job of organizing this every year.

The challenge works as follows:

  • Register with Jean by a certain date so she knows how many participants there are in the challenge
  • Everyone sends  in a pair of 6″ squares for each contestant. The squares should match but must be 2 different values
  • Jean then has a sorting party where all the fabrics are organized and sent back to each participant
  • Once we get our fabric squares we have 6 months to make a quilt  must measure a minimum of 36×48
  • We also get to add a set of 5 other pair of squares and 5 fat quarters from our stash and also during the challenge we have the opportunity to add more bonus squares.  Bonus pairs can be added if the fabric you sent is is not floral or if it comes from stash. Jean also comes up with other creative ways to win more bonus squares.

This year the quilt photos need to be sent by Oct 4 and then Jean organizes them on a gallery where they are voted on by members of the forum. we are not allowed to say which quilt is ours until the judging is completed.

One of the  best thing about the challenge is seeing how starting with the same basic  6 inch scrapes all the quilts are so so different when completed.

For example, last year here were the fabric squares:


And here were a few of the quilts that were made for the challenge:

Honorable Mention Fancy Dancy – 45×45 ? Quilt Maker: Needlecrazy

Viewer’s Favorite – First Place Rainbow Puzzle – 73×73 ? Quilt Maker: QuiltHappyMaryWI

Best of Show Zoe’s Playground – 35×49 ? Quilt Maker: Jayardi


Best of Show Color me Crazy – 48×48 ? Quilt Maker: Alexemmarose

The last time I entered was 2010 and here were the starting fabrics:

And here are some of the quilts made:

1st Place Viewer’s Favorite ~ Dancing with the Stars 45×45 • Quilt Maker – Seeing Stars

2nd Place Color & Value ~ Treasured Squares – 36×48 • Quilt Maker – Elainetoo

Hidden Treasures – 43×54 • Quilt Maker – IB1RU12

I mailed off my fabric to Jean yesterday and look forward to getting all the squares back in a few weeks and then I need to start thinking about a design and make my quilt.

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