As soon as I heard that our cousin Elizabeth and her hubby KB was having a boy, I went into baby boy quilt design mode. I was lucky that Liz had set up a few Pinterest boards where I could go look for inspiration. Here are a few of her pins:

The theme seemed to me to be rustic woodland navy and tan, adventure and exploration. So fabric shopping was my first task and here is what I purchased:

Fabric choice

Next up was to use my AccuQuilt with the GO! Carefree Alphabet die set to spell WYATT. I love how the letters turned out with the plaid fabric.

Love the letters in the plaid fabric

I then got on my computer and digitized the letters so I could use my embroidery machine to applique the letters on the grey fabric I picked for the background fabric. And also digitized 2 more designed to use for the first and and last row which fit perfectly wit the ideas from the pins on Pinterest.

Once the top was done the next step was to decided on what quilting design to use and decided on Malachite by Patricia Tritter. Which turned out just perfectly on the quilt.


Decided on the plaid fabric for the binding and one last thing to do before mailing it off to baby Wyatt was to take some pictures and for this quilt I used the fence in the back yard with some of my garden ornaments.

Wyatt's Adventure Be Brave quilt


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