I have been avoiding the blog prompt – show us your worktable as it was a total mess but I did a clean up today so I can show the before and after photos.

First is the before pictures which is a mixed up mess of lots of projects. the left hand side is where the biggest mingle of projects mostly fabric from projects that are complete or in progress.


And now the after photos all is left are the fabric for the two projects I plan to work on for the rest of the holidays with rotary cutters, rulers and post its. These are the 2 projects that I have posted about in my design wall posts:

  • backing fabric for the air force quilt I am working on and hope to have on the frame this weekend
  • The colored fabric on the left is the fabric for this post

I wonder what it will look like when I got back to work on Jan 2 – I promise I will post a picture.

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