Celtic Celebration – A Quilt Along and Quilt Raffel to raise funds for the Jennifer Kranz Research Fund

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Celtic Celebration – A Quilt Along and Quilt Raffel to raise funds for the  Jennifer Kranz Research Fund

Today it is four months since Jennifer (JLK) life was cut short by a horrible disease DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma).

To honor her life and raise money  for the Jennifer Kranz Research Fund  I will be doing a quilt along  and quilt raffle on my blog.


First Day of Kindergarten

Here are the dates of the Quilt Along and Raffle:

  • June 17 – July 7:  Publish a number of posts with details and  instructions for creating the quilt top
  • July 8:  Reveal of the finished quilt top
  • Month of July: Publish posts to show the quilting progress
  • August 1: Raffle begins
  • October  28 @ 4:38pm: Raffle of the Celtic Celebration Quilt

A little note on the dates June 17 is my birthday, June 8 is my Dads birthday and October 28 will be Jennifer’s 7 Birthday.

Libby, JLK’s Mom has a wish to have the Jennifer Kranz Research Fund reach  $100,000 by October 28 and I am hoping to help with raising some money to help reach that goal.

Here is what I can say about the quilt:

  • It will be called  “Celtic Celebration for JLK”
  • It will have applique Celtic knots
  • It will glitter
  • It will have a butterfly
  • The colors will be warm and cheery
  • Every stitch will be put in with love

Some facts to consider:

  • 7 Children die each day from Pediatric Cancer.
  • Less than 4% of the NIH cancer research budget goes towards pediatrics.
  •  More American children die of cancer than of AIDS, asthma, cysctic fibrosis, diabetes and congenital abnormalities combined.
  •  In the past 20 years, only 2 new cancer drugs have been specifically approved for pediatric use.  Both for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukima.  By contrast, in one year… 2012 a total of 23 drugs were approved for adults.
  •  Average age for a child diagnosed with cancer is 6.  For breast cancer, it’s 61 and prostate it’s 63.  Average number of years lost for the adults that die is 15 years… for the children that die, it’s 69 years.
  •  The American Cancer Society only gives one cent of every dollar raised for pediatrics.  On their site, they have options for what kind of cancer (breast, prostate, etc.) you want your donation to go towards.  Childhood Cancer is not even an option.


So here is the ask for all of you who read this post:

  • Please share this blog post with your friends to help build awareness-Thanks!
  • Like my Facebook page by clicking on the big blue “F” to the right of the screen to get updates on blogs posts
  • If you are a quilter and you would like to donate a quilt (however big or small) to the raffle let me know
  • Follow Libby’s Blog   to get updates on the her journey
  • In August consider buying tickets  for the raffle.

Looking forward to sharing the journey of creating “Celtic Celebration for JLK”


  1. Count me in! And I have quilt for raffle if you would like. Both the Irish Tilda and Tea Party in Ireland (both from the magazine Irish Quilting) are stored away and would love a good home. See them on this page. http://bannowcrafts.weebly.com/verry-sherry-quilts.html
    Let me know if you want either, so I can proceed to pack accordingly. (suitcase: arriving 24 June; container arriving in September) x

    • Thanks! Either quilt would be much appreciated.

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