Art and Stitch Training

I am pleased to announce that I am now a Certified Trainer for Art and Stitch a wonderful software that allows you create your own art work with drawing tools, trace designs from existing images or very easily convert  vector art  then assign stitches and then save to the format of your long arm quilting system  or embroidery machine.

I can provide training in several ways and below I have outlined information on the different methods of training offered and also the classes available.

Learning opportunities available

Online 1-1 classes

I am  excited  to offer  Online Classes for Art and Stitch using WebEx to collaborate interactively online. With WebEx, I will demo a feature and then be able to pass control over to you to practice. At the end of the class you will have a video of the session.

Minimum duration of a class is 2 hour but additional hours can be added.


Quilt shop classes

I love to share my knowledge of Art and Stitch and am available  to visit your quilt store and teach both the Begining Art and Stich and my Beyond Begining Art and Stitch class over two days.


Custom Classes are available  on request or any of the below classes can be customized for your needs.

Classes Available


Beginning Art and Stitch

In this class you will learn the basic functionality of Art and Stitch

  •  How to navigate the menus
  • Get familiar with the artwork and the stitch toolbar
  • Learn about the different drawing tools
  • Play with Reshape to make perfect designs
  • Add interest to your designs by using motif and creative fills
  • Learn how to use the Magic Circle and Magic Square tools
  • Create a panto using the Meander Anywhere tool

Beyond Beginning Art and Stitch

During this class we will cover:

  • Quick recap of ANS functionality
  • Be Creative with true type fonts
  • Power Copy versus Power Copy EE
  • Play time with Design on Path
  • How to set up seamless borders and corners
  • Making a closed shape repeatable
  • Make your own Creative Fill
  • Applique functional
  • Fun with Feathers

This class assumes that you understand the basic functionally of ANS and can be combined with Beginning Art and Stitch as a two day class offering or as a separate one day class.

Celtic Knots in Art and Stitch

Learn how Art and Stitch can be used to create wonderful Celtic Knot designs at the end of this class you will be able to

  • Create a continuous Trinity Knot design
  • Use Magic Circle, Magic Square and Design on Path to enhance the basic Trinity Knot
  • Learn how to dissect a Celtic Knot into distinct shapes
  • Turn the distinct shapes into continuous designs
  • Play time with Celtic Knots and create complex continuous designs
  • Layout a whole cloth using Celtic Designs

This class assumes that you understand the basic functionally of ANS

Custom Classes are available  on request or any of the above classes can be customized for your needs.

For more information on setting up classes, you can contact me at

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