Online Classes for Art and Stitch

I am now excited  to offer  Online Classes for Art and Stitch using WebEx to collaborate online. With WebEx, I will demo a feature and then be able to pass control over to you to practice. At the end of the class you will have a video of the session.

Here are some class options:

1) Beginning Art and Stitch

  • How to navigate the menus
  • Get familiar with the artwork and the stitch toolbar
  • Learn about the different drawing tools
  • Play with Reshape to make perfect designs
  • Add interest to your designs by using motif and creative fills
  • It’s Magic! – Learn how to use the – Magic Circle,  Magic Square and Magic Rays

2) What’s new

New Artwork Features

  • Diagonal grid
  • Line and Curve tool – Ctrl + Click
  • Reshape Hairline View
  • Add Seam allowance
  • New Slice Tool
  • Interlocking preview
  • Crop Backdrop
  • Group and Ungroup
  • Simplify Smoothen
  • Rounded Rectangle

New Stitch Features

  • Stem stitch motif (Embroidery)
  • Sashiko line motif (Embroidery)
  • AutoStipple extra settings
  • Applique – new settings
  • Swap entry/exit points

New Design Functions

  • Geometric Echo
  • Re-sequence Tool
  • Power Copy – snap to grid

General additions

  • Reset all toolbars
  • Page Preview to print patterns
  • Dialog boxes can be resized
  • Close Multiple Designs – one step
  •  AccuQuilt Go Shapes
  • Various Designs added to the Library
  • Creating hoops: more options

This class assumes that you understand the basic functionally of ANS

3) Advanced Art and Stitch Features

  • Meander Anything
  • Power Copy versus Power Copy EE
  • Design on Path
  • Making a closed shape repeatable
  • Make your own Creative Fill
  • Transform Artwork
  • Fun with Feathers

This class assumes that you understand the basic functionally of ANS


4)  Celtic Knots in Art and Stitch

Learn how Art and Stitch can be used to create wonderful Celtic Knot designs at the end of this class you will be able to

  • Create a continuous Trinity Knot design
  • Use Magic Circle, Magic Square and Design on Path to enhance the basic Trinity Knot
  • Learn how to dissect a Celtic Knot into distinct shapes
  • Turn the distinct shapes into continuous designs
  • Play time with Celtic Knots and create complex continuous designs
  • Layout a whole cloth using Celtic Designs

This class assumes that you understand the basic functionally of ANS


5) A le carte Art and Stitch

Custom Classes are available  on request or any of the above classes can be customized for your needs.


Minimum duration of a class is 2 hour but additional hours can be added.

Please reach out to me at to get more details and to schedule a time.


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