I have spent the last few weeks playing with the new features of Ver 3 of Art and Stitch and decided tonight to start blogging about the fun I am having. This first post is going to show what I did tonight to create a class sample to show the two new embroidery line motifs:

  • Stem stitch motif
  • Sashiko line motif
  1. Open a new Page and ensure the Design Type is Embroidery and machine format set to PES
  2. From the Library, Embroidery Artwork folder, open the Sashiko Sampler

    Sashiko Sample

    Sashiko Sample

  3. In Sequence View  select all the blue lines and  then apply  Running stitch as Line sew type
  4.  In the Run tab of the Properties Panel, Select  “Motif” from the Type pull down menu
  5.  Choose Motif Pattern  emb_Sashiko Line and use the following setting:
    Use Stitch length  3.6
    Set Run spacing to 1.0
    Click on Apply


and this is what you will see on the page:


Capture36. Run the Sew Simulator to see how the design will sew out and then  Save as ANS and then save to the format for your machine which for mine it is PES.

7. Copy the PES file on a USB stick to your embroidery machine and stitch it out.


Here is what it looked out stitched on black fabric with white thread


I just love it and cannot wait to try this on more designs.

I also stitched out a design that I used the Stem stitch motif and I also loved the look of it.


I  created this design in Art and Stitch and also used my Cameo Silhouette to cut the applique fabric.  Check back soon and I will write up how I did this.


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