Art and Stitch – fun with new features of Ver 3 – AccuQuilt Go Shapes

Posted by on Apr 20, 2014

One of the new features in ANS Ver. 3 that I am most excited about is the fact that in the Library  there is now a folder which has AccuQuilt Go Shapes as vector files. I nearly jumped for joy when I first read this.

To access them click on the Library button on the Artwork tool bar on the left-hand side  and from the Folder pull down menu pick Emb AccuQuilt Go Shapes and here is what you will get:



For this tutorial I will use the die # 55029 Heart 2” 3” 4” inch

  1. Click on the Library button on the Artwork tool bar on the left-hand side
  2. From the Folder pull down menu pick Emb AccuQuilt Go Shapes
  3. And choose 55029 Heart 2″ 3″ 4″ inch

Which will look like this when it is opened


In  the Sequence View. you will see 4 objects, the 3 hearts and a rounded rectangle around them. To start with I remove the rounded rectangle as it it is not needed.

Next up is the part fun to turn these into applique and add some decorative stitches to the inside

  1.  Select all the hearts (ctrl + A)
  2. Click on the Applique button in the Stitch Menu

this results in the outline becoming 3 layers for the applique as follows:


Each will have three layers as follows:

  • Layer one is the placement line to outline where the fabric should be placed
  • Layer two is the tack down which holds the fabric in place
  • Layer three is the decorative stitch  for around the edge which can be Satin, Blanket or Motif

The default third layer is set to Satin but the can be changed to either Blanket or Motif.  For this tutorial I will use one of each of the applique types.

For the 2 inch Heart, leave the Applique type set to Satin and decorate as follows:

  1. Click the Cut and Paste buttons to duplicate the heart and then press artwork
  2. Select the newly created heart in the Sequence View
  3. Click on Properties tab  then Transform Tab and then reduce the size to 1 inch
  4. Click on Motif Fill button and then in the Properties Fill tab select the Pattern “emb_f070”
  5. Click on Apply



For the 3 inch Heart,  change the Applique type to blanket  and decorate as follows:

  1.  Select the 1 inch heart made above  and  click ctl + d to duplicate 3 times Click the Cut
  2. Select all three in the sequence view and click on artwork
  3. Move them to fit inside the 3 inch heart as desired
  4.  In the Properties Run tab and select the Motif “emb_Stem Stitch Line”
  5. Click on Apply



For the 4 inch Heart,  change the Applique type to Motif type you like. I used “emb_225”  and decorate as follows:

  1. Select the 3 inch heart. click on Artwork  and  click ctl + d to duplicate twice
  2. Select one of the hearts and reduce to 2 inches in the Transform tab
  3. Now select the 3 inch and the 2 inch hearts and then right click Merge
  4. Click on the Standard Fill ( Embroidery) and from the Properties Tab select the pattern you like, I picked Zig Zag.
  5. Click on Apply




Now that the designs are ready it is time to cut the applique. I prepared the fabric by using plenty of Mary Ellens Best Press and then applying fusible web on the back  of the fabric. I used Wonder Under Lite

Cut Applique Hearts with my Baby Go

Stitch out the placement line

Stitching out the Motif used for the edge


my favorite iron for applique

Final stitch out


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial

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